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If you met any problem on importing from china, or any ideas would like to communicate with me, please leave comments as follows.

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  1. Hello sir . This is IMROZE Ali … It is first time import from china to Pakistan .I can’t fix the price verwell and quality .. I wanna import oxygen cylinders valves .. I wanna find price according to Pakistan price but I can’t find like it . I can’t understand how how to do please help me give me some tips

    1. Hello Imroze,
      Sorry i just noticed your comments. May i ask where did not tried to source the product you are looking for? As far as i know most people will source from alibaba, i have to say its a great website. You can post some RFQs there, its a kind of inquiry, but alibaba will forward your inquiry to all the companies who are in related field then you can get lots of quotes.
      Here are some tipes: may you need to advice the detailed spec of this product you are looking for, only in this way the supplier can quote you exact.
      Regarding to the price, if the price you get is too high, may you can consider to ask the supplier if they have some prpsals, sometimes change some of not very necessary part, change the packing and other details which will have very big influence on the price. Or may if you have very big quantity requriement, a better price will be offered by suppliers also.
      Hope that helps, if any future questions welcome come to me, will try to reply you as early as i can.

  2. In my opinion, I prefer MX’s way of trading. I release the need to him, and then he will send the sample to my unit. If the quality of the product is qualified, he will help me to calculate all the expenses, and finally give me a comprehensive offer. This risk is lower than the purchase price of trading companies, but also reduce the risk of a lot of. But I heard they were going to do the international factory. From the factory direct supply to the buyer to save costs. Promote import efficiency. I feel like a very good idea. But I also began to worry that this will not produce any trouble.

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