Real Case of Import from China

As I have mentioned I am a International sales clerk in a factory and my job is to sell our goods and service all over the world, I have met lots of customers overseas, with this advantage I know how to import from China and what are the importers mainly concerns.

My first customer named D, this guy is an Australian, and it’s the first time he doing import business from China. Of course besides the product he want he is not clear about how to handle the import business. At the same time I am also a green hand in this field, finally I got his order but the process is not easy as we thought.

Firstly D found me on alibaba and he has great in one of our products, so he send me an email, mainly ask about the price, so I relied with the price and product details.

D is happy about the price, but as business man who always trying to get a better price for more profit, so D and I has a few emails bargain, finally D got some discount. D is happy about that, but I can feel he is not sure about quality of our product, so D asked if we have supplied any distributors in Australia, our company did very well in this field so I told D some of our distributors who are very famous in Australia. Few weeks no news from D, I guess he is doing some research of our distributors locally and it turns out that our products with very good quality so D nearly decide to place the order to us. As I told it’s the first time for D and I doing international business, D does not know how to ship the goods to him, so I have to ask my colleague to help and we asked shipping agent a quote for shipping cost and tell D, after that D is clean cost for him to import the goods. Then D placed his order and do the down payment.

We start production, and one month later his goods are ready and we send the goods on board, we got copy of BL, and send D for balance, after checked, D done the balance to us.

And one month later, the ship arrive Australia, but D met some problem~there are some local cost(happened in Australia) such as THC, handling cost etc. D think it should be bear by him, of course for me, we believe no matter we do on CIF or FOB terms, the local cost happened at destination port should bear by us, so D called me several times and I tried to bargain with the shipping agent~did not work.

Finally in order to keep D as our regular customer, we bear half of this cost. It’s a long story, what I am trying to tell is that there are some local cost should also be counted in the costs, both importer and exporter should know there is a cost. If I know this and tell D, we do not need to share this cost, if D knows this, he wont argue about this.

This is the case.