My Opinions About Greece Debt Crisis

Greece export lots of Stones every year, most of the stones exported overseas and delivered to many places. One of writers friend works in this industry and often go abroad to follow his orders. He has been to Iran and Italy many times, but mostly he discussed with me is Greece. Greece has the best stones in the world, these stones can be used for construction, craving etc.

Each time this friend visit Greece, he will stay at Lama for half month, sometime he may also visit some big cities like Athens. Lama is a small city, but most stones are produced from there.

Writer has asked this friend his opinion about Greece. His answer is simple: Too lazy. Besides Mining Lama also has agriculture. But income of people here is less than 1000EUR. But that does not has any influence on people. They still go to work at10am. Two hours for dinner off work before 4pm.

Greece located in south of European, very hot especially in summer, most worker will off work before 4pm, go back home fall asleep, after they awake at 7pm, they will enjoy some beer or coffee hang out with friends till midnight.

Other workers from other countries mostly works more than natives and earn more money than them. At the beginning people arrived there and found native people have that much free time, all will envy them.

But compared the income, the envy feeling will gone. Greece is developed country, economic stopped so many years, especially these years the debt crisis people’s live become more and more hard.

Why this happens? Writers’ friend is not economist, he loves doing business. But several times business trip makes him understand the debt crisis of Greece better. He think the may reason is the economic of Greece can not afford the rich welfare.

Even people do not work, they still do not need to concerns about got education, got food. In that case, why still work?

May what I found is only not true and only part of it, any comments welcome leave your comments below.