How to negotiate with your chinese supplier

This negotiation is not only about the price but some other things which may have very big influence on your business. In fact most Chinese goods are not expensive.

Even I told price is not the most important but for negotiation I still think we should start from the price. Before do that you should do some research on the Chinese supplier market. How many suppliers~both factories and trading companies, of course I am not telling you to count them one by one and got a number. Then do some research about their price and the description of their goods. At that time I think you are already clear about your target price. Then do it, start from the one who interests you most and try your best to see if you could get a satisfied price, during this your research comes in handy, you can use this to persuade the supplier to give a you good price. But remember never being too much, if you forcing their price too much they may change some of the material difficult to notice to reduce their cost.

Second, quality. As we all know if we buy some rubbish, we will lost our customer, so find the good quality supplier and try their samples, after you tried you could select whose goods if for you. And before you place your order you need to emphasize the quality to your supplier as more as you can, or they may supply you some low levels goods instead high quality one.

Third, delivery time. All the business man who have experience in importing from China may have that experience: you have formulate the delivery time and supplier agreed, but when the delivery time comes, you goods are still on production or still on material purchasing part. So before you place your order, do not forget to repeat the delivery time. And if the delivery time is 30 days, I suggest you should ask the updates at least three times. Especially for some seasonal goods. You can imagine, you ordered lots of gifts for Christmas and hope to sell all of them during the festival, but when you have prepared everything but your goods are still on production and when they arrived the Christmas already passed. That is disaster.

After sale service, since most of factories are live on OEM business, they do not sell the goods to final customer, so normally they do not think they are in charge of the after sales service, and when something bad happens, you may need to take this risk by yourself. So before you place your order, you need to ask them how long their warrant can be? How do they manage the warranty. And write this in the contract/PI is important. When some emergency happens at least you could recover some of your losses.

If a supplier can satisfy all that condition, then you’d better never give them up. To be candid in my opinion most suppliers can not match all that conditions

How to Import from China~how to choose supplier

How to choose your supplier, sometimes I would prefer call them partner, cause they are not only supplier, sometimes they are your friend, what they supplied are not only goods but also service.


Then how to find high quality supplier? If you are in small business you could find the on the internet, Chinese factories nearly seize tenth of the markets. From their websites or some B2B websites you will find a lot of suppliers their goods are in different levels and price. You will need to judge depend on your business position, if you are in the high end market, then you could start from some high level goods, if you prefer try some low quality goods~you should better not, at least you choose the mid level goods.


From the websites you could find their contact info, then how to contact with them? My suggestion is via email, some suppliers have very good product, but their sales department may not that suit for their goods, their English are not as good as we hope~ I am an example.


Then what you should ask in your email? Most people may write like this: “plz provide you quotation on XXX”, that kind of inquiry you could get offer, but I think that is a waste of both you and the suppliers’ time. You should tell them your aim, which produce you would like, description then ask them the price, packing info and any other questions you may need to know. Then you could get a high quality reply~most questions solved in one email.


After that screen you may know which suppliers you have interest, then in-depth discuss with them, price, after sale service etc.


But before you place your order, I suggest you try one sample. For small goods most supplier can supply free sample, you only need to pay for the freight. But for big goods you will have to pay for both sample cost and shipping cost. If necessary you may need to visit their factory to know them well. After that you could place your order, but do not forget to mark the deliver time on your contract or PI, that’s very important and I will open a new blog specially about what to mention when you import from China.


Another way to find supplier in China is attending exhibition such as canton fair. On the fair you could find many supplier who are very effective. Of course the cost for attending a exhibition is also high.


Also, you could ask your friend to recommend. As you may agree “made in China ” is filled in our daily life, maybe your neighbor is experienced in import from China they could recommend some high quality supplier.


Sometimes your embassy will recommend supplier from China, you could find the supplier info from the embassy websites.


Find them, discuss with them, select the one who can supply the right goods you want, place your order. That’s it.